We provide a wide variety of services: planing, characterizing, importing, distribution, installation, setup and operation of complex sound light & video applications. with a resume of over 1800 finished projects, countless integrations and over 2000 satisfied costumers – The History of KO Team along our unique approach, allows us to care for each costumer while providing a solution for every need – tailor made and with deep consideration not only with our costumer needs but also with the final costumer of your business.
KO Team import & distribute a wide range of products which allows us to not only work with little to no compromises but also to adjust the budget to serve the client’s needs while keeping a high value per money ratio throughout our product line.

KO Team guarantees the best price without compromising on product quality. we will be here to advice you where to save and where to upgrade. our process begins with a full analysis of business needs and the consolidation of a working plan which includes full technical characterizing with a emphasis on design, smart implementation of advanced & updated sound, light & video technology and functionality. implementing our vast knowledge in the corresponding contractors work – like power infrastructure and acoustic analysis and solutions – we provide you a quiet experience – working in perfect sync with the varying contractors and offering solutions that will turn your business installation to a fast, efficient, budget-controlled process, costume made and precise.

Our elite installation and integration crew which is comprised of experienced, punctual team professionals. installing, setup and programming – full integration of your working plan, in the highest performance possible.

The work is done – the installation is complete, yet we at KO Team have much more to offer your business. after the project is complete KO Team is your one stop shop for a wide variety of services: A Lab for mending and maintenance of equipment, Equipment On-line Rental service, “House-Call” Technician for maintenance and Problem-solving, supply of deteriorating substances – like smoke fluid or gaffer tape – so you know when you select KO Team there is always someone behind you – someone who knows your needs and is ready to provide you with the service you need to run you buiesness smoothly and with a confident and a clear-mind.

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