KO TEAM ltd was established in 2005 as an integration and installation company, providing collaboration solution.

Our philosophy is simple, to provide high standards services, professional solutions and leading edge technology. At KO TEAM, we understand the full experience from the early design stages to the end user, taking under consideration every small detail. Over the years, the demand for our professional services grew and the company expanded and opened new departments. In 2008, we established the import department and focused on high value products to be used on each of our projects. In 2011, we began distributing specially imported brands and high-end products. After analyzing our clients needs, we decided it was time for us to manufacture wide range of advanced lightning products. Today, The expanded ko team company can provide perfect solutions for each client .special needs

at 2017 we reached our goal of building over 2000 projects personally built by our team we have set a  new goal and purpose which is to be apart of as many projects possible inside israel and out of it