From:  115.00

  • Acue Lighting Storm 3000 IP RGB LED Strobe Lights Multi Purpose DMX Mode
  • 1320 Pieces Of 0.6W RGB LEDs
  • Array Design Of The LEDs Outputs A Powerful Flash Of Light When Used As A Strobe And Can Also Be Used As A Powerful Wash Fixture With Full RGB Controls
  • Section Control To Create Amazing “Eye Candy” Pixel Effects
  • Unit Has Built In DMX Controls As Well As On Board Controls Through The Display
  • Both Controls Allow You To Choose A Specific Color, Effect, Flash Speed, Timing, And Brightness Of The LEDs
  • Multi-Purpose Fixture Perfect For Permanent Installations And Mobile Production Use
  • Designed To Provide Exceptional Lighting Under All Conditions
  • Improves Visibility And Lighting
  • Application: LED Strobe Lighting